Increase capacity

  •  Offer immediate support of increased behavioral health services for affected populations.
  • Boost behavioral health services delivery capacity by offering local agencies support to hire clinical and care management staff.
  • Conduct training for health care providers and community-based agencies on evidence-based primary care and integrated behavioral health services models. 

Plan and coordinate services

  • Support intermediate and long term behavioral health recovery.
  • Use available data to identify and address post-flood, population behavioral health needs through partnership-based planning and CPPRN-published interventions

Strengthen Communities

  • Engage communities to support resilience in Baton Rouge.
  • Bring together a variety of stakeholders including impacted community members, governmental and nongovernmental agencies to assess the most pressing local recovery needs. 
  • Further develop the knowledge base and capacity for advancing community resilience, both locally and nationally.

Replicate solutions

  • Develop a national learning collaborative for community resilience.
  • Share best practices for immediate disaster recovery, and longer term community resilience with local, regional, and national stakeholders that have experienced and are likely face future disasters.