Our Mission

Resilient Baton Rouge provides funding, training, tools and a workspace for collaborators to focus on disaster-related complications through a partnership of community members, health services providers, community organizations, government, and academic participants that can encourage and support improved mental health services for disaster-impacted communities.

Resilient Baton Rouge builds upon successful models of community-based networks responding to behavioral health challenges implemented in South Louisiana post-Katrina, in Los Angeles, and other communities across the country. Resilient Baton Rouge is powered by community-based and academic stakeholders, including representatives from the national Community and Patient Powered Research Network (CPPRN), a participatory collaborative with 10+ years of practice in implementing community-engaged, culturally tailored interventions focused on improving behavioral health.

Support for Resilient Baton Rouge is provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation with fiscal sponsorship from the Baton Rouge Area Foundation.